About us


Established in 2004 by Mr. Ashok N. P. Rao, Saru Agro Foods ltd. is one of the fastest growing brands in the food industry. Initially started with few all-purpose flavors, the company now have widen its horizons with countless remarkable products and have started the special production under the brand name 'Froowin'. Along with the regular jam, syrup, sauces, crushes, pastes and pickles we also offer chines cuisine essentials like red & green chilli sauce, soya sauce and vinegar. Candies are what we call our special creation and we are trying to cover it up with the best possible flavors.

In last three years, Saru Agro Foods ltd. has been a mark of victory and uniqueness as we have successfully captured the international market by carving our footprints in Europe, UAE, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore. It's really appreciating to be known as an international brand of an authentic indian flavors.

What makes us special is the purity and productivity we maintain in our entire production methods. From selecting the raw material to put on the best packaging. we precisely maintain the exclusivity of the brand. We carefully select the raw material, which is fresh, farm-picked and of the best quality and we never compromise on the hygiene check process throughout the production.


Saru Agro Foods ltd. has one vision that is to be on the top in terms of providing right quality, quantity, purity and potency of its products and establishing itself into a household brand name. We also intend to grow as a potential export house and generating valuable foreign exchange. We would diversify into value addition of the processed food products as well.


Froowin creates unique flavours health oriented inredients and state of the art standards so that the family that eats froowin enjoys it too.

Great quality begins at home and this is why we manufacture high quality mayonnaise, tomato ketchup, sauces, bread spreads syrups, salad dressings and much more to treat the taste buds of each family member.